AppQuantum’s Games Reach 100,000,000 Downloads

2 min readMar 17, 2022


AppQuantum, a leading mobile game publisher, has reported that games in its operation have collectively reached 100,000,000 downloads across all platforms worldwide. Among the most popular titles is the publisher’s hit game Gold and Goblins, which also received the most installs overall.

This latest achievement is a continuation of the company’s previous milestone of 92,000,000 downloads, reported in February of this year, in the wake of a deal with major games developer Playrix. Through the latter, the publisher acquired new expertise, which, in combination with its own deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, it plans to explore new genres and market segments.

“Reaching this goal is a major step for us on the path to success”, — said Victoria Beliaeva, Head of Business Development, AppQuantum. “We, however, are not planning to stop and rest on our laurels. We’re working constantly with our teams to release more incredible fun games for our players. We’re keeping a close eye on the genre trends and have some great stuff planned for 2022. Thanks to high player engagement with our existing titles, we are able to work with even more talented developer teams. Together with them we’ll be able to bring a few amazing games to the community within the year. ”

About AppQuantum

The publisher is primarily known for such games as Gold & Goblins, Dragon Champions, and Idle Evil Clicker. Since its founding, the company has been constantly growing and exploring new areas of work.

In 2021, the company started engaging in codesign. The company’s employees are involved in the creation of the game from the concept stage — they help with the choice of genre, setting, and key mechanics in addition to sharing expertise in the product area and assisting developers throughout the whole process of creating the game.

As of 2022, AppQuantum has begun developing their M&A strategy. The company invests in promising studios with talented developers interested in taking their business to the next level.

According to the analytics platform Sensor Tower, in the fourth quarter of 2021, AppQuantum applications were downloaded more than 18.8 million times. The company’s revenue from in-game purchases amounted to over $13.6 million, excluding advertising monetization.