6 tips for events in your mobile free-to-play game

3 min readMay 12


Free-to-play games often take advantage of an interesting feature of the human brain: most of us tend to add value to things that are limited in time, quantity, or availability. And, wow, mobile game LTEs are just the case!

We’ve prepared six tips for developers who want to add or modify events for their games. They’re based on the article (which is based on the lecture, huh) by AppQuantum’s Elena Bugakova, Chief Product Officer, and Elizaveta Khilkovskaya, Publishing Producer, and their experience with our hit, Gold & Goblins.

Let’s dive into the world of in-game events!

Let’s start from the beginning.

The in-game events can be classified into several categories (which may vary depending on your game):

Tip 1: Reuse events

Tip 2: Make events shorter

Tip 3: Remind players about your event

Tip 4: Users like to climb up the leaderboards

Tip 5: Add the exclusive in-game rewards for the event

Tip 6: Bundles are your friends!


That’s not an exhaustive list of tips for working with in-game events in mobile games, of course. That’s just a basis!

Please, remember that all changes in your game should be made after a thorough review and research, and their results may vary depending on your game’s state and genre.

If you want to improve your mobile game, but don’t know what to start with, get in touch with AppQuantum.

Good luck!




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